saffron thread
The monochromatic brilliance, the silken grainy touch and the impressive uniqueness - this is what makes up the wonder that is called saffron - one of the most intriguing and extraordinary spices Mother Nature has ever produced. The more we know about it, the more it amazes and creates its way to the goodness of life that was once unimaginable. Every bit of knowledge about saffron’s one-of-a-kind chemical and biological properties is a remarkable journey into getting the best out of the aroma and taste that it can bring along when added to a variety of foods from diverse cuisines around the world.

We welcome you to our website where we will enlighten you on its natural origins, the intricacies of its production and of course, the range of ways in which it can improve our lives.

What we do

Our nursery is specialized in growing and the sale of Crocus Sativus, the crocus which is necessary for the cultivation of saffron, the most expensive spice in the world.
We cultivate our bulbs in a sustainable way and are constantly looking for new ways to do this in a more natural manner.
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